Saturday, June 16, 2012

We've Gone to the Birds! Officially!

The lumber has arrived!

The workers are ready!

My husband is building us a chicken coop! Yep! That's right! A chicken coop!

The kids and I have been wanting to get chickens for well over two years now. My husband has had a ton of excuses each time we suggest getting chickens. My nine year-old once asked, "why can't Daddy just see that we want to eat healthy and have fresh eggs?!" I finally told him he needed to talk to God if his own father wouldn't listen. God knows the desires of our hearts, and in His timing He always answers.

"The Lord remembers us all and will bless us" Psalm 115:12

I was perfectly content to submit to my husband's reasoning about NOT having chickens, ie. the care, maintenance, predators, etc. I did think they would be fun for the kids to help take care of and we would also get to eat some healthy fresh eggs, but I knew my husband would never go for the idea of us having chickens...until now!
My husband came home from work on Sunday and explained how he had been at a co-workers house who had a dozen chickens. He got to see someone he knew first hand and with whom he felt comfortable asking the questions he needed answering. He blew me away! I knew the whole thing would have to be his idea and not something I wanted. I've been trying to get him to build a swingset extension for our kids for over 10 years. I bought the kit and everything but he has never had any desire to buy the lumber for the kit and actually finish the project. Recently he found the kit in the basement (incidentally the children I bought this kit for have long since outgrown it, but we have little kids in the home again so they will get some use out of it). Well, he has decided he would get some lumber from his father and actually finish the swingset project for me, and NOW A CHICKEN COOP? Okay, someone please tell me who this man is that I'm living with and what have you done with MY HUSBAND?!!!

I can't wait to share the progress on the new chicken coop! I can just see my little kids out running out to gather the eggs and their happy, smiling faces. I'm told that the chickens are great at eating the ticks in the grass too. I'm super excited about being rid of ticks. Two of our kids contracted lyme disease in the last couple of years. It is not a disease you fool around with.

So that's it! We have really gone to the birds now!

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