Monday, June 1, 2015

Essentially Pregnant!

Yes it's true! We are expecting baby number 8 in December! We are very excited to welcome this new life into our family and I am particularly excited to welcome this baby as my first essential oil baby! 

An essential oil baby? Yes, an essential oil baby! 

But what exactly are essential oils?
Glad you asked!
Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts that are naturally found and distilled from different parts of a plant, including leaves, flowers, twigs, bark, peel, and roots. A plant has oil sacks in these various parts which help to protect it from disease--and we can receive the same benefits!!

But wait? You read somewhere on the internet that essential oils are not safe for pregnant women?  I am here to share that CPTG Essential Oils ARE safe for use during pregnancy.

Hop on over to my Essential Oil Blog to learn why I trust and use them while I am pregnant. See what plans I have to use them before and after the delivery too! CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE...