Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eating Healthier and Trying My Hand At Egg Rolls

So YES, the baby has arrived and he's been keeping us all very busy! I have yet to put my blog post together on his amazing birth but I did want to catch up on the fun I've had on learning to eat healthier and my first attempt at making egg rolls! They're so simple, I can't believe I waited so long to try them!
These are the ingredients I started with! One onion chopped, purple and green cabbage, (shredded -about 2 cups worth), carrots, (shredded-about 1/4 cup), some spinach leaves, (cooked with one pound of our amazing moose sausage!)
Here is what the inside of the egg rolls look like all cooked in a frying pan. No oil used here, only water. The moose sausage is so lean, barely any fat! I also added about a cup of the quinoa/rice/peas dish I was preparing to go alongside the egg rolls.

Here are the egg rolls out of the oven. I brushed them lightly with oil before baking them at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. You can find these great Asian style wraps in the tofu section of your local grocery store. Their website has some great recipes too!

Dinner is served! I served these amazing egg rolls alongside cooked sugar snap peas, a little apple sauce, and tasty cooked quinoa and rice with chicken and peas. A much healthier alternative to ordering Chinese take-out! Only one of my kids didn't like the egg rolls. Too bad for him, oh well, more for the rest of us! I can't wait to make these again! I wonder what lovely foods I might try inside next time? Sure beats frozen egg rolls, and way cheaper too! If only I could explain to my husband they are STILL "egg rolls" even though there are no eggs INSIDE!!!