Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Am Dangerous!

I read an article published over at Life Site News yesterday.
I laughed right out loud at the term, "Yummy Mummies" spoken about by Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair.
The article stated that the term, " “Yummy mummy” is a UK slang term typically used to describe young, attractive women who live on their husband’s wealth, staying home full-time with their children."

Seriously? Wow! I tried to imagine what Mrs. Blair really thinks of one of those "Yummy Mummies"! Because being at home, cooking, cleaning, EDUCATING my children while my husband goes to work takes every bit of my energy and is a very real sacrifice for our family. But apparently she thinks that my children will "lack a sense of independence" and won't be able to "make their way in the world because their moms don’t have “professional ambition"."

Actually the article is focused more on women who marry RICH men to retire on their husband's wealth, so she really isn't talking about me per say, because my husband is a cop so we will never be rich. He does have a retirement plan and I have heard of women staying with their husbands solely because of their retirements, so I suppose you could then lump me in with "Yummy Mummies" after all, since I only stay with my husband because of the great retirement plan, (just kidding!).

Seriously, the article while it made me laugh at first, it made me feel terribly sad for Tony's wife that she will never ever fully understand what a life poured out for another with no financial gain really means. It means walking in the footsteps of Jesus, kneeling before the throne of God on a daily basis. Finding the cross in the clothespin. Mrs. Blair actually goes so far as to label these women as "dangerous". And here is the one point I would have to agree with her here. 


I pray for my husband, children, family and friends. I pray for my government. I pray for our President, Governor, Town Council, Pastor(s). I educate my children in the ways of the Lord. We strive each day to be better people today than we were yesterday. 

So I may never see the estimated $113K that I am worth ANNUALLY, but that's okay. My job is my life and it has already been bought and paid for by the precious blood of my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I'm pretty sure each one of my six children are happy that I chose to not only give them life but gave up my own to raise them. There is joy in the journey! There is no higher calling than that of a mother! So I will walk with my King and smile thinking that others may consider me a "Yummy Mummy" (that term still cracks me up!) but I know better. I know what THEY are missing, and they call me "dangerous"!

Just my thoughts as I am figuring this stuff all out!


  1. Great post, Jen! (I read One Thousand Gifts twice last year, and loved that too!) I had the joy of hearing Phoebe say to me yesterday, "and then when I have a baby I will stay home with them." I asked her about that and she said "the mom needs to be home with her baby to take care of it!" I know that especially because of homeschooling, my kids already appreciate the sacrifice we have made to keep me home, (because they have said it is worth going without other things that many other families have, to be able to have me home, and homeschool them- they would rather choose this way). Boy are there days when it feels like more of a sacrifice than others, but the world needs more "dangerous women!" :) (Yummy Mummy totally cracks me up, too!)

  2. You women of God just keep on being dangerous, if that's what they call it.
    Some days it feels you are a dying breed, and it may be so, but so be it!
    The long term, eternal profit/gain is worth every bit of the dying.
    Praise God for you moms who still understand the value and calling to be HOME for our kids.

  3. Thanks guys! You are both doing an awesome job living "dangerously" too!