Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Review of Girls of American History Curriculum

Girls of American History

When I was contacted about writing a review for Girls of American History Curriculum which was chosen as one of the Top Picks of 2015-2016 in the Homeschool Curriculum Guide I was very excited to take a look!

Two of my girls are turning ages nine and seven this fall and I had been thinking about what history I wanted to study with them. I had pretty much settled back on American History since I already owned the entire Sonlight Core D American history package. However, I wanted another way to make it more fun, more hands on, more "girly", although boys needed to enjoy it too, since our youngest son, turning five would be joining in as well.

I was asked to pick any of the units I wanted. I chose to review the first one since that would be the one I would likely start with.
The website, although it is set to be updated, was pretty user friendly. The author of this curriculum, Justine Gamble, has done a great job explaining how the units work based on the fictional book series centered around the popular American Girl collection.
The first unit is titled "Nez Perce-Kaya®" and covers the time period starting with the Native Americans in 1764. The units are broken up into six week studies. Each week covers which book to be read, a craft and field trip to go along with each story.

Justine also offers other great resources to supplement the hands on experience such as History Pockets and the popular Draw Write Now series including which books that include the crafts for each unit.

In addition to these outside resources for purchase Justine also includes fun FREE resources. That was a nice bonus to see lists to FREE resources to supplement each unit study.
A weekly plan and schedule to implement this enrichment history course is also included, which I really loved.

When you purchase a unit study you have special access to even more online ideas! Justine will send you an email with your special code to access TONS more fun stuff to enrich your child's learning! Some of the fun crafts (with links to find the supplies to make them) for this unit are:basket weaving, drawing, make a canoe, make a teepee, necklaces, cave paintings. Field trips suggested were to visit a fish hatchery, create your own Pow Wow, as well as additional video sources.

Justine suggests that this curriculum can be both an enrichment curriculum to go alongside another core curriculum you are studying, or it can be stand alone by adding a few sources to it. It can also be used in a co-op setting with so many fun hands-on ways to learn and expand children's knowledge of American history!
I look forward to updating this post with pictures of our fun!

If you would like to make history more hands on, fun, and grab the attention of both young girls AND boys why not check this out for your family?

Girls of American History Collection
You can learn more here!