Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Wind Beneath My Wings

May God Guide You Always picture

I used to run in track in high school.

Jumping hurdles was one of my favorite events.
I also used to be a cheerleader. Both of those activities came to a halt when I was 15. I finally went in to see the doctor for my knee. My left knee was swollen and "locking" on me. It was difficult to walk . Fuzzy x-rays lead my doctor to believe I may have a tumor, but he couldn't say for sure it wasn't cancerous.
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Off I went to Mass General for a biopsy. It turned out I did NOT have a tumor PTL, but was diagnosed with Osteo Chondritis Dissecans. Part of my left upper leg bone had been injured some time during my childhood and had lost its blood supply at the knee. A piece of bone was floating around and caused those fuzzy x-rays. The doctors drilled the bone and had me on crutches, non-weight-bearing, for four months. I also had to wear a full-leg, plastic, bendable leg brace for the duration. It fit over a thin pair of pants and slipped into my shoe to stabilize my knee, hoping new bone would regrow.
It didn't really work. After four months of not seeing much regrowth the doctor let me walk on  the leg. Just two years later I was still having knee trouble so I went back in for more surgery. I was 17 and a senior in high school. I ended up spending 6 months of my senior year on crutches. People were probably pretty tired of seeing me on crutches. I never seemed to get off them! I finally did as my doctor wasn't seeing anymore healing and I had already been kind of walking on the leg anyway, trying it out. I wanted to run, I wanted to live!
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Six years later, I went in for more knee surgery since the knee was still bothering me. By this time I had gotten married and had two little boys. The youngest was just 5 months old. My sister's wedding was just a week away. My doctor let me use crutches for a week and then gave the go ahead to walk down the aisle for my sister's wedding. The knee was still swollen but I made it down the aisle!

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That was 14 years ago. I've never been a runner because of this knee. It probably kept me out of trouble I suppose too. I was interested in joining the military in high school for its GI bill, but my knee held me back. But I still find ways to be active. I love to ride bikes, go hiking, swimming, take walks. I used to take a step class and Pilates class too. My knee is usally there to tell me to slow down.

We have been working out every day for the last month using a DVD called PrayFit. I wanted to add more cardio. Last week I decided to run again. My husband often runs a mile and a half to stay fit for his job as a police officer. He asked our oldest son if he wanted to go running with him. He said, "no". I turned to my husband and said, "I'll go with you!" So began my journey of learning to run!
The first mile and a half was painful and pretty much "sucked". It felt like I was going to die in about three different places along the route! A sharp cramp in my side didn't help much either. But after a day of rest, I actually WANTED to run again!
The first week I ran three times, each 1 1/2 miles. That makes for a total of 4 1/2 miles for Week 1.

Week two of learning to run I found two new running partners since my husband has been sick most of the week. My dog and my nine year-old son like to run with me. Two days at 1 1/2 miles makes 3 miles plus TODAY I decided to extend my run and ummm DOUBLE it and run 3 miles! Yep, I ran 3 miles today! So I still have to stop and walk in a couple of places but I almost entirely ran the 3 miles. So that makes 6 miles run this week, Week 2!
Did I mention that I broke my toe yesterday? Yeah, I stubbed it on one of the baby's infant seats and it hurts like heck! It turned purple and probably is broken. But I can still fit it into my shoe and it stops hurting after the first half mile of the run. No kidding!
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So as I pushed through the running this morning, my knee didn't bother me at all, nor the toe. I looked up to the heavens and saw a beautiful blue sky and thought of my dear Grammie who went to be with Jesus just two days ago. She used to walk these same roads. Today I run for her.
Love you Grammie. You are the wind beneath my wings.