Friday, June 8, 2012

Learning on the "Fly"

Homeschooling has been a wonderful way to bring our family closer together while learning and growing as a family. Our children also partner with the local Christian school for a full one day program where homeschooling children are welcomed and receive instruction in gym, art, chorus, and band. 
At the end of each school year the homeschoolers are invited to participate in the school's end of the year field trip!

Wednesday we gathered the family and headed out to Cape Elizabeth, Maine
 to join the kids and staff of the school.
We had a great day discovering the wonders of Maine's rocky coast
 and the lighthouse of Portland Headlight.

There is so much beauty to behold here on the coast of Maine!

There's lots of wind up on the hill at Ft. Williams!

It makes for a great kite flying day!

I thought our smallest daughter might get carried away by her kite!

There is history to be discovered here too!

We visited the old Goddard Mansion on the Ft. Williams property.
We tried to imagine it in all its glory, bustling with military personnel who later lived here after it was acquired by the military in 1899. We were intrigued to learn how Ft. Williams played an integral role in protecting the shore line of Cape Elizabeth and the harbor of Portland during World War II.

We had a fantastic day! We were praying that God would push back the skies and make for a beautiful day, and boy did He ever deliver! The weather turned warm and sunny after four LONG days of flooding rains.

  It was the perfect day to head to the ocean!

We love to put down our books and study history hands-on!
Our kids are truly getting an amazing education. I mean, just look at this little guy smiling here. He's quite a contrast to the homeschool books stacked behind him! Our kids will learn far more from loving on this little guy than from any textbook, I'm sure! There's always something crazy interesting going on at our house! With so many kids and so many interests we just never know where each day may take us! 
(Hint: look behind the baby.)

Welcome "Jake" and "Jeb"!

Our 14 year old son bought these parakeets on Thursday with his own money he earned. The lady in the pet store made sure my son knew what kind of a commitment this was going to require. "These birds can live about 20 years. This isn't a short term commitment, you know."  He knew. He had done a ton of research and was ready to commit. He plopped down over $90 for a wonderful cage, toys, and food, (and the birds, of course)! He has spent a good portion of the day getting to know the birds and trying to earn their trust. I'm so proud of my son and his new interest. The birds are really pretty. I guess I always wanted a bird, but never wanted to actually go so far and BUY one. Now we have birds. He named one Jake. He says it's because he wants to train it to talk to him so when he says, "Hi Jake!" the bird will talk back and say hi to him, "Hi, Jake!" I can't stand it this kid is so funny!
So, there you have it, learning on the fly has taken over and we have officially gone to "the birds"!
What adventures have your kids taken you on lately?! 

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