Friday, March 7, 2014

Week One On My Trim Healthy Mama Journey

I have been reading too many success stories from women who are not just getting healthy from reading and applying THM but are losing weight, a lot of weight. After my pregnancy, this being my seventh little blessing, and getting ready to turn 40, I am determined to not just be healthier but to actually LOSE these stubborn baby pounds for good!

So I dove in and bought the book on kindle e-version last week for $19.95. It was cheaper than the hard copy version at $35 and I can carry this massive book (it's over 650 pages!) right on my windows tablet wherever I go. I really want this to be the beginning of my own THM success story but I have my doubts as to how dramatic my own weight loss journey will be. All I know is that we eat fairly healthy with occasional treats now and then. Even though I exercise and have used some wonderful DVD programs I never really seem to be able to blast away the fat I have carried for nearly 18 years! I have had success losing inches and pounds through running and a fitness program, but again, the really stubborn fat remains.

The answer has to be in the way I am eating. Duh!


I know I need to drink WATER, LOTS OF WATER! Especially since I am a nursing mama.

I think I'm ready to shake things up a bit. Stop feeding my body what I've been feeding it and give this THM diet a try! I've already been adding Stevia to many things thanks to a NuNaturals product review I was fortunate to be a part of with Christian Women Affiliate.

Here is one of my reasons to get healthy, little Julia is four months old and I still look four months pregnant!

I am loving this book so far. I love that the authors actually WANT me to eat butter!

But we also have to incorporate healthy foods too of course!

But I get to eat CHOCOLATE!!! Yes, it's part of this "diet" too!

You see, because this really isn't a diet. It's a way of reshaping the way you eat and consuming it in the way our bodies can process it!

So if I am feeling like bacon and eggs for breakfast, great!, I can have bacon and eggs then! I can even add veggies and cheese to those eggs and I have myself what THM calls an "S" meal. "S" is for Satisfying and boy are they ever satisfying!
You know what? If I'm feeling like toast for breakfast but I still want eggs, I can do that. I just need to not go crazy on the carbs in my toast by choosing a lower carb version or make my own and forget about the bacon and only use 1-2 tsp of butter on that toast to keep the fat content down. This would be an "E" meal. 
I am not going to even try to touch "FP" (Fuel Pull) meals/snacks or crossovers until I feel confident in the "S" and "E" meals. More on these at later time.

But this is only my first week and I've made a ton of mistakes, but I'm learning!
I've learned that I don't eat enough protein. I've also learned I need to eat more frequently to keep my body fueled. I also eat way too many carbs and sugar, well, that's just a given. I have a sweet tooth!

I've even learned about these really cool noodles made from the konjac root called Miracle noodles.

They are calorie free, gluten free and make a wonderful substitution as pasta or rice so you feel full but not all loaded up on all those carbs from pasta and rice!

I've also learned how to make bread in a mug! Yes, you read that right, Bread in A Mug!
The basic recipe is found on page 265;:
These are the basic ingredients

Ingredients: an egg or egg whites * golden flax meal and optional almond flour * baking powder * coconut oil or butter * sea salt and other optional seasonings

I even let the kids make their own bread in a mug muffins yesterday. These low carb babies literally cook up in one minute in the microwave! I'm not kidding, try it! You can google Bread in a Mug recipes and find all sorts of great blogs out there of ladies doing this THM diet and find TONS of free ideas and recipes and even printables to actually make the leap into this Trim Healthy Mama way.
I started at this lovely lady's site; Gwen's Nest.
I also found these and I plan to add more so I can remember where they are.
Heavenly Homemakers-Ranch dressing recipe
Pinterest has tons of sources for inspiration too!

This mornings' favorite change I made thanks to THM is switching out my coffee and vanilla flavored non-dairy creamer (yes, I know they are not good for me but I can't resist them...until now :) ) I found a recipe thanks to my FB THM Beginners group called "Bulletproof" coffee. Now I haven't read this far in the book yet to really research "Bulletproof" coffee but let me tell you, it is AMAZING!
I made mine with vanilla stevia and it was just so good!

Here I am 16 months ago after my 6th baby. Still carrying a gut and heavy in the thighs. Feeling happy but, oh the fat in the thighs, it's just got to go! THM has taught me that I am basically eating myself into this fuller figure by all the carbs and sugars I consume.

Now here I am at the end of week one with THM after my 7th baby. The scale says I lost a pound or so, but mostly I am happy I can fit back into my favorite black pants. I really hope this THM diet will finally be something that will work for me!


(Four Months Post Partum Baby Number Seven)

Changes and purchases I hope to make next week:

Grass-fed butter for my "Bulletproof" Coffee
Protein powder to start FP meals/snacks
Peanut flour
Glucomannan powder
Almond flour
More Miracle Noodles
Naturally sweetened jam
More eggs, my chickens aren't laying well right now and I went through all my eggs I just purchased!

Are you ready to get healthy and try the THM lifestyle too?
Get your book today and get started!


  1. So glad for your encouragement on Facebook! Love reading that you are just starting your THM journey. Mind started about 20 weeks pregnant. :) Love that we are in the same boat with babies and THM life! You are looking good...keep it up! Have a good evening..I am actually going to go prep my THM pancakes. Have you tried them? They are so good. Take care! Blessings, JuRita

  2. Thanks JuRita! I didn't know that starting a diet actually meant joining a journey with so many other amazing women around the country..around the world! When I'm preparing THM meals for myself and my two other family members on this diet I am so thankful for the help and inspiration. I used to dread meal preparation and I barely ever meal planned. Now I have to think about two different meals at each mealtime. It's a challenge but worth the effort it will give me the results so many are talking about! God bless you and your babies and your own THM journey. I look forward to following your journey on your blog!