Saturday, January 22, 2011


So the kids and I have been kind of cooped up with the winter weather we've been having, plus having little ones, it's hard to get them outside. However, today I couldn't stand it, I took the kids out and decided we should build a pyramid out of snow!
These are the two children that actually help build the pyramid. The other boys only agreed to have their picture taken after they saw that it looked pretty cool!
Here is a great guide my friend gave me to enhance our ancient civilizations studies.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breaking in the ice shack-2011!

DH took the boys out two days in a row ice fishing. Here they are all crammed into the ice house with our friends the Greens! They went out yesterday in a blinding blizzard of a snowstorm-our biggest storm so far this season. Today they went out again and caught quite a few fish, brought home six massive bass!

                Here are the fish!

                        "Super C"-And one proud fisherman!

Here is my oldest son, filleting the fish so I could make a fish chowder. It turned out sooo good!
I'm pretty sure the kids won't be too happy to get back to their regular routine of school work tomorrow! We are so greatful to have this extra time with their Dad on his days off. Homeschooling really brings us all closer together. The kids will be grown and gone before long and it's so nice to capture these moments of "life learning" thanks to homeschooling. Our oldest can now fillet the fish-PTL! As well as DH said that our 8 year-old can set his own traps now and has even been able to catch his own fish! Way to go "Number One" and "Super C"!