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Come Back To Jesus And Don't Bring Your Blackberry by Tanya Logan A REVIEW


ISBN-13: 978-144978207-8  |List Price: $14.46 |Format: Softcover | Page Count: 120

Finding time to be in God's presence with seven children can be at many times very challenging. Just as I'm about to sit down in the morning and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and my Bible I seem to have a little one eager to greet me with "hello" and hugs and kisses.

I mean seriously! Look at those cheeks!

 My kids are truly a great source of joy and also a distraction. What drew me to this book was a conviction in my spirit to the things in my life that maybe I was the problem and I need to be the solution. "I am my own worst enemy" I mumbled to myself recently. Maybe God was speaking to me to reach for greater things, instead of easy things, like Facebook to pass my time. Why not teach my daughter to cross-stitch while she is little? Do I have the time?

For. God's. Word.
For His Heart.
For His Love.
For His Time.
If God can make time for me, maybe I can find a little time for Him!

So with a little reservation, and a humble heart I signed on to review this book to take a look into the things that might be getting in my own way of deepening my relationship with God. Maybe you too have similar issues?

"Have you drifted away from the Faith? Or has life gotten in the way? 

If any of these:


have held you up, you need Come Back to Jesus.

Renew your love of Christ and your joy in building on the gifts God gave you. STOP just going through the motions. Find the time-stealers and replace them by starting afresh with prayer; center yourself in The Word.

Explore the things that could lead you off the "narrow path." Practice opening up to God, being in His presence....

Experience the love of the Lord like you may never have before. Read the book as a personal growth guide, or use it as a 6-week Bible study and share insights and encouragement with your small group."

Week One opens with a question to the reader, "Who Is My God?"  This week is followed by five more weeks titled "Seduced by the World", "A Week Without My Little Gods", "A Week with the (Di)Vine", "Responsibilities of Salvation (How to Remain Pruned)", finishing with, "Staying Free in an Idolatrous World". Each week contains five days of devotional studies for a total of 30 small devotional studies leading to ways to stay free from idols and come back to Jesus!
In addition to sharing her own journey in coming back to Jesus, the author uses plenty of scripture quotes and describes Biblical characters and their flaws and strengths to draw the reader into identifying their own weaknesses and areas that need improvement.
I enjoyed the study and there is plenty of room to write your own convictions answers in the spaces provided.
At the end of the book is also a helpful Leader's Guide that anyone can use to lead discussions in order to do this Bible study in a small group setting. This would be a wonderful way to dig deeper into the study by sharing in the journey with others!
Don't let the "And Don't Bring Your Blackberry" subtitle sway you though.  The title seemed a little outdated to me, but the book is still very relevant.

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Author BIO:Tanya Logan found herself drawn to Christ while on a cloud-gazing walk at the age of 9. Since then, she has seen His hand in nature from her native East Tennessee to Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and now Southwest Florida. A writer all of her life, Come Back to Jesus—and Don’t Bring your Blackberry is her 4th book. She has also freelanced extensively and is the ghost author of 11 books, 2 of which are required reading for college courses.

“If I never have another word from God, this one is enough: Go tell the people to get the “stuff” out of the way so they can worship Me better,” Logan says. Thus the 6-week study Come Back to Jesus was born.

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