Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Round With Mastitis! Ouch!

Let's face it, a breast infection, aka, mastitis, is no picnic on the lake!

This is my seventh baby I have nursed and inevitably I always come down with mastitis at some point with each breastfeeding baby.

Sometimes several times throughout the months we are nursing I will get these infections seemingly out of the blue. They are quite painful and frankly, this is why men do not nurse babies, mastitis HURTS!

But I press on and thankfully I know the early signs of mastitis so I've never had to go on antibiotics to clear them up.

What it is: "Mastitis is a breast inflammation usually caused by infection. It can happen to any woman, although mastitis is most common during the first 6 months of breast-feeding. It can leave a new mother feeling very tired and run-down. Add the illness to the demands of taking care of a newborn, and many women quit breast-feeding altogether."  (WEB MD)

Pain, swelling, redness, tenderness in the breast tissue are all telltale signs of a breast infection for me.

How it happens: "Mastitis most often happens when bacteria enter the breast through the nipple. This can happen when a nursing mother has a cracked or sore nipple. Going for long stretches between nursing or failing to empty the breast completely may also contribute to mastitis. Using different breast-feeding techniques and making sure your baby is latched on properly when nursing will help with emptying the breast and avoiding cracked nipples." (Web MD)

So this morning when I woke up with these symptoms I knew I had better take care of myself today and fight this head on.

I am not a medical professional. I'm just a mom to seven kids whose found a way to manage mastitis at home without wrangling my kids to a doctor's appointment for a seemingly embarrassing issue that can turn quite painful and lead to further complications Oh, my breasts! But for the love of these precious babies I will not quit! Talk to your medical provider if you have serious health concerns. This blog is not meant to diagnose or treat just to share my experience with essential oils!

(Here is baby number 7, Julia Rebecca)

At the first sign of a breast infection, the first thing I always remind myself to do is DRINK WATER and NURSE, NURSE, NURSE, on the very breast that hurts. It hurts like heck, but it's the only way to guarantee the breast is being emptied of the infection. I don't worry though. That little precious germ harboring child who probably gave me the infection to start will not be harmed by nursing from the infected breast. She will still be getting all my amazing healing properties from the breast milk.

A warm shower and rest will often help with the soreness and I've even applied a warm compress I make by simply taking a wet washcloth, warming it in the microwave and placing it in a ziploc bag and applying it to the swollen, tender breast. 

Today, however, I have even more options! Since using essential oils I have a whole host of new natural options to help whatever is ailing me!

Lavender and Invigorating Blend are recommended. I just so happen to have BOTH on hand and I was doing my little happy dance (despite my pain) because I LOVE knowing I actually have an oil on hand WHEN I need it!

Lavender is a very soothing essential oil.

 It helps calm and promote freedom from pain.

Invigorating Blend is a blend of oils that help to soothe the skin and the senses.

 With its powerful blend of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin,

 Bergamot, Tangerine,Clementine, as well as a hint of Vanilla

 this works to knock out infection and soothe the breast tissue. 

I also placed a few drops of Oregano, Maleleuca, Protective Blend and Frankincense in a gel capsule and took these internally to help my body fight off infection. Again, LOTS of water on top of this and I am feeling a lot better this afternoon!

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  1. Fantastic read. I will keep these little treasures in my back pocket for my nursing friends. Wish I had this option when my kids were nursing 20 years ago. Thank You Jennifer.

  2. Fantastic read. I will keep these little treasures in my back pocket for my nursing friends. Wish I had this option when my kids were nursing 20 years ago. Thank You Jennifer.