Saturday, January 31, 2015

Measles Outbreak? Vaccines? What's A Mom To Do?

I have been vaccinating my kids on schedule for 18 years.
All of seven of my kids are up to date on their shots. In the last few years I have been questioning vaccines though. As a homeschool mom, I am always studying! With such high rates of autism and other neurological disorders how can a parent NOT be concerned about what we are allowing nurses to inject into our precious little babies?
But with the newest outbreak across the country of measles many parents are rethinking their desire to NOT vaccinate.

After signing up as a Wellness Advocate in July of 2014 I am learning so many more natural alternatives exist to help in so many areas of health concerns. First and foremost, our bodies are amazing! God gave us these incredible bodies to help heal from injuries and ward off disease.

 It really amazes me and I actually blew my doctor away at my 6 week post-partum check up after my 7th c-section how quickly my stomach healed from surgery.

So I'm joining this vaccine discussion. I'm researching a TON!
I don't want to subject my healthy children to anything just because the doctor says it is safe. I am completely aware of all the potential toxins put into vaccinations as well. That information is readily available on the internet.
We do not get flu shots as I feel they are unnecessary and don't often work to prevent the flu. I have also begun to space out vaccinations on my babies. It's hard to ignore the reports and side effects of these vaccinations from parents across America though. There are many health concerns that could possibly be from vaccine injury but it's hard to prove.

I'm so thankful I have discovered essential oils and I can help my children both before and after their vaccinations. You may be against vaccinations, or sitting on the fence about them. It's a hard call for a parent to know what the right answer is. My decision has finally come down to this, take it slow, you can always go back and vaccinate, but you can't undo damage done from a vaccination. Eat healthy and use detox protocols to help your children rid their bodies of anything that could harm them.
Here are a few things to look into when considering a detox for your kids or helping them heal from vaccines.

Frankincense Essential Oil prevents infections and repairs DNA damage, and can also soothe pain and inflammation around the injection site.

Helichrysum Essential Oil has anti-catarrhal, (anti-mucous), anti-coagulant properties which make it effective for detoxification of the blood, lymph, and liver.

Lavender on injection site to relieve pain.

Protective Blend starting one month before vaccines to build immune system.

Lemon in water to help protect the brain from neurotoxins.

Digestive Blend to ease "tummy trouble" following vaccines.

Respiratory Blend to open airways following vaccines.

Cilantro Essential Oil to rid the body of heavy metal toxins contained in vaccines.

Another step often overlooked is that even before you vaccinate you might want to also consider reducing your overall family's toxic load by decreasing environmental toxins from conventional household cleaners, synthetic personal care products and processed foods.  

Protective Blend toothpaste: fights harmful microbes in your mouth. Adheres to a strict "none of the bad" philosophy and is safe for children. 

Protective Blend Cleaner Concentrate: use for all household cleaning to fight harmful pathogens without destroying the beneficial colonization. A little bit goes a very long way!

Protective Blend Throat Lozenges: These are NOT your average throat lozenges! They are worth every penny! I take these when I feel a tickle in my throat, meaning a cold is coming on. I used these last week while my kids were sick and really felt it act like a powerful karate kick to knock out my cold coming on! 

Protective Blend Foaming Handwash: Better than antibacterial soaps for killing harmful pathogens on your hands without getting rid of the good microbes your body needs to stay healthy.  

If you are ready to help YOUR family on a natural journey to wellness, your purchases today help my family too! Become a wholesale customer to begin purchasing these oils above today! 

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  1. There are so many things we can do to aid in our health... and our childrens'. I have used oils to help recover from various problems and I love that the oils are helpful... not poisonous.

  2. How wonderful! And I agree, oils are helpful not poisonous. Thanks for stopping by!