Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why I Like To Wear Skirts and Some Thoughts on Modesty

Here I am in my lovely new skirt, compliments of my Mom.
This was taken back in May.
I've lost about 18 lbs of pregnancy weight here.
The skirt is light weight and a fun color. My son thought I should start doing a Hawaiian dance when he saw me wearing it!

Whenever my mom is out and about she searches and often finds the most lovely skirts for me! I love to wear skirts now. They have been the perfect transition during and after my pregnancy. Because I have been breast feeding for nearly five years straight I also wear shirts that I can easily breastfeed in.

With a houseful of boys I also have been becoming increasingly more aware of how I dress around my teenage sons. Along with the fact I have two little girls watching every move I make. My girls love to wear dresses too!

We put on our dresses and head off to run errands. Almost every outing lends a wonderful compliment and a question as to why we're all dressed up! No reason, we enjoy being feminine! We are girls so we want to dress like girls! My husband loves it when my girls and I are all wearing our dresses!

In the summer months, skirts and dresses are the only way to dress!

So lest you think we are of some strange religious homeschooling order where I am forced to wear skirts by my church or my husband, I wear skirts because I like them! I don't feel fat in them, I can move about rather easily in a skirt, and I'll tell you a little secret....

The number one reason I found to where a skirt....

I respect myself! 

(It also can bring out the chivalry in old men. Sometimes when they see me approaching a door wearing a skirt, they will stop to open it for me. If you ever wanted to try this as an experiment for all of you who don't wear skirts, I dare you! It's quite delightful to see a man take a few extra quick steps to grab a door for you! Now this is not done in disrespect to my husband or with total disregard for my marriage, this is about RESPECT.)

Take a listen to this video below, it explains what I'm talking about.
(Here is a little background on it.)
He begins with a recent study done by Princeton of what happens to men's brains while viewing women with little clothing on. The study done is very revealing (pun intended) that women who dress modestly allow men to see them for more of who they are and not just for their bodies. Something in a man's brain actually turns off when he sees a woman wearing little clothing. Take a listen, it's less than four minutes long but definitely worth viewing.


When practical, wear pants. As often as I can, I wear a skirt!

Moving into the colder Fall and Winter months, I've lost more of my "baby" weight and can fit back into my jeans and pants again. You can read about my journey here.  Even though I can fit back into my jeans better than ever I still long to wear my skirts. Raising Homemakers has a great blog post on how she wears her skirts year round. Adding long socks and fun leggings are great ideas. I think I will try using some of her techniques!


"I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God." 1 Timothy 2:9-10

Just some thoughts to ponder!

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