Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crowned By The King

I was sitting in church this past summer and had the most incredible experience. 

I was standing there, eyes closed, hands raised, and as I sang praises to Jesus, I encountered Him in a very personal way. 

Now this wasn't the first time God had met me here like this. I had had two other very emotional visits with Jesus and the Holy Spirit over the last few months. One of those I received the gift of tongues, and another, Jesus set me free from some sort of a prison I had been unaware I had kept myself locked in. But back to this moment.

I saw Jesus, step down off the stage where we were worshiping him. He was smiling and swaying with all our praises, keeping step with the beat of the music. He was so happy with us! He started coming down the center aisle and began to sway and walk in my direction.

 Again, still smiling. I looked away as he locked eyes on me. He couldn't be looking at me! I opened my eyes and looked to my left and saw my family standing there worshiping God, so I closed my eyes again and lifted my praise to God even higher. Jesus was closer than ever! He came down the center aisle and stopped at my row! He leaned in and began to lift the most amazing crown from his head.

(It didn't look anything like this, but you get the point!)

 It was royal and clearly the most amazing crown anyone would ever lay eyes on, covered in jewels and very regal looking. Jesus, smiled, and began to lift the crown from his head and toward me!

I opened my eyes and again looked away from my vision to my left where my family was still standing and worshiping. "This can't be!" I thought, so I closed my eyes again wondering what on earth this was all about and sang and worshiped my Jesus with all my heart and soul and strength. But Jesus was closer than ever this time! He leaned in and placed His crown on my head!  

"This can't be!" I thought again, but Jesus kept smiling and said, "this is for you!"

So I have been trying to process this "crowning moment" all summer. I've been trying to figure out why Jesus wanted to crown ME while also trying not to figure it out and just embrace the moment and relish the fact that Jesus wanted to meet me in a real way, even though no one would probably believe me! 

Then last month I was introduced to this amazing necklace ministry called, "Crowned By The King".

I was chosen to be a part of this amazing ministry to encourage women to remind them of their beauty, their value, and their purpose in Christ.

When I received my necklace I fell in love with it!

I wanted immediately to give one to every woman I know, including my daughters, my mother, my sister, my cousins, my friends! What an amazing necklace to remind us that we are daughters of the King of Kings! 

But the one woman I knew in my life whom I wanted to give this necklace to I knew could really use it. She had just recently had to step down from leading our moms group at our church in order to take a full time job. Sometimes life can be difficult and while her heart was still very much with us moms this amazing friend has stepped back from leading our moms group in order to provide for her family. I know this has been a difficult time for her. She has spent the last three years running our moms group and raising her two children while working part time. To work full time meant giving up all the things that she loves to do with her children like story time at the library and reaching out to new moms and inviting them to our moms group. While her children are in good hands, I thought my friend could really use a "crowning moment".
I pulled her aside after church today and thanked her for all she had done in the past for our church's moms group. She shared her joys and a few of her struggles with her new job. I told her about my own "crowning moment" and that I wanted to "crown" her. I was wearing the crown necklace and so I told her I wanted to give her my necklace. She told me she thought she was going to cry! As I took it off her she told me that she really needed this encouragement. My timing couldn't have been better and she asked me to put it on her. I was so thrilled she accepted my necklace!
I shared with her how much I appreciated her and all the things she has done to bless our church with our moms' group and thanked her. I shared with her that I thought she might be the perfect one to carry this "Crowned By The King" ministry forward, simply by being who she is and sharing her love for God and love for people. I shared with her how this necklace might just be the centerpiece and conversation starter she might use to help her at work or wherever life takes her! I gave her a  little bit of information about the ministry in case she wanted to know more about the necklace as a ministry.
It was just about one of the most amazing moments of my life being able to not only thank this amazing woman but to also encourage her and lift her up before God and remind her how much God loves her!
We shared several hugs and then I had to leave. I plan to pray for my friend and her new necklace that she will cherish it enough so that one day she would be able to give it away to someone who desperately needs to know how much God loves them!

If you would like to hear another testimony to another "Crowned Moment" you can see the video below.
Here is one woman's testimony after receiving a necklace.

If you'd like to know more you can check out the website, Crowned By The King.
Here you will find out about How the ministry works.

You can also like them on On Facebook or On Twitter

 I received two free necklaces. One to give away and one to keep. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

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