Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moose Hunt 2010

Here are my boys posing proudly with the moose my husband harvested back in October. We are still enjoying this moose. We had some of the meat made into sausage and we used that sausage in our Christmas stuffing! What a blessing to our growing family as well as it made for lifelong memories for the boys AND we could count some of the hunt as SCHOOL! I guess I'm becoming quite the Mainah these days-because I really LOVE moose meat! I am so thankful every day I can go to my freezer and get such lean, healthy meat and not have to drag my kids to the grocery store! What a blessing!
I loved what Sarah Palin had to say in her show, Sara Palin's Alaska, about having meat in your freezer. I am not ashamed anymore to say we have meat in our freezer! :) Here's the link to the clip from the show:

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