Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Princess Turns 3!

We had a fabulous birthday party for my dd last week!
Here is her princess castle cake! The cake was made with ricotta cheese and apples with cream cheese frosting. Even the children were asking for seconds on the cake! (I can't tell you how many times we throw away cake that has been served to the children. They usually won't eat a lot of cake.)

Some of the delicious sandwiches to go along with our princess feast of bbq chicken, potato salad (pink of course!), pink mac-n-cheese, macaroni salad, chips and dip, and pink lemonade!

The lovely Queen Elizabeth, aka, "Granny"! When she said she was going to dress up she wasn't kidding!

The princess hosting her friends for dinner!

My 14 year-old ds dressed as a jester doing some juggling for the children. He had quite an audience, even the adults were entertained!

One of our guests was very helpful in our craft time. The girls all got to make their own princess crowns from foam, glitter, stickers, and glue!

The bouncy castle we rented to go with our theme. The kids had a blast!

Digging for the King's treasure! We bought two big bags of rice and added it to our sand table. We buried gold coins from the dollar store and some fancy gem stones from the dollar store too! It was quite a hit!

Me, as Jasmine, dh as a knight and baby as Tinkerbell!

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