Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are You Playing by House Rules? A Review

Joe's estranged wife has just been involved in a horrible car accident. The doctors want to declare her brain dead so they can harvest her organs for another wealthy patient. But the hospital  soon becomes aware that Joe's wife is actually pregnant. Now more than one life hangs in the balance. A spiritual battle has begun for the life of Mary and her unborn child. In walks Robert. An outspoken Christian man with some strong values and heavy knowledge of the Constitution. He even has strong opinions about social security numbers and birth certificates. The hospital bills are growing, the Christian school where Joe teaches is being threatened with lawsuits. How much more can Joe take and will he be strong enough to make the right decisions to help preserve the life of his unborn child if his wife never recovers? Will his new faith in Jesus Christ really help him trust that God has everything in His control including the very soul of his wife? Will God hear his prayers and save his wife and child?

About the Authors:

Darren Grant, has a B.S.Ed. chemistry,M.S. Science Education, and has been a certified science teacher since 1991. For the first twelve years he taught within the public school systems of Kansas and Missouri. He became frustrated with all of the systematic built in problems inherent in public education. He learned first hand while he was a state representative delegate for the Kansas NEA that the problems in public education exist by design. The NEA exists to indoctrinate students - not educate them. He was tired of being part of the problem, so he left and taught for seven years in a private christian school. Darren is still certified, and continues working as a teacher and presenter for Real Ark Ministries.

Cara Grant, B.S. Vocal Performance, worked as a CPhT until our marriage in 1999. Since that time she has devoted her life to raising our six children. In December 2005 they formally launched Real Ark Ministries as an educational ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of their friends asked what led them to investigate these issues and write this book. It certainly wasn’t an abundance of free time! They had plenty of activity to fill their days with running a small goat dairy, building a debt-free home, raising and homeschooling their six children, and Darren working full time outside the home as a science teacher. In 2000, they began to study freedom, the Constitution, and the Code of Federal Regulations. These topics eventually led them to study socialism, communism, and the New World Order. As they studied, they saw an evil no one seemed to be warning others about: the slavery of the church and the slavery of the common man. After the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, they felt even more compelled to warn others of the dangers of enslaving our churches and our children.

After a wildfire in Aug. 2011 took their home and most of their earthly belongings, they again evaluated what the most important issues in life should be. In this book, Darren and Cara have only provided a small sampling of the body of knowledge that exists on these two topics. Their prayer is that readers will take the time to study not only the dangers of church incorporation, but also the dangers of social security numbers and birth certificates.

Why social security numbers and birth certificates? Because these documents are the foundational documents for the enslavement of this generation and the next. 

My Thoughts:

I could hardly put this book down! It reminded me a little like some of Frank Peretti's writings as this book shared with the reader some of the hidden powers of darkness that were at work effecting the characters lives. There were many ideas in the book that challenged me such as birth certificates and social security numbers as well as church incorporation, three of the main themes running through the book. A few times I even stopped to look up a website or book or author and was impressed that this book, even though fiction, had real research with real websites that I could go and look up for myself.

This book had a great story and was worth the read if you read the more challenging issues like birth certificates and social security numbers with a grain of salt. However, if you are concerned about government and its role in your family's lives and would love to be inspired and challenged to research more, this is a wonderful book to make you think and research for yourself what is really going on in America.  Do you know what the Constitution really says or are you willing to have your life played out by others using "House Rules"? 

ISBN: 978-0983835967 | ASIN:  B009XMDY4U| List Price: $17.99/ 9.99 in Kindle | Format: Soft cover and kindle | Page Count: 370

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