Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making a Felt Board for Bible Through Felt Betty Luken Felt Set

With baby number 7 on the way due in November I've been trying to track down inexpensive ways to teach my little ones at home. We love StarFall, for it's fun preschool learning time. We also use Nick Jr. occasionally with my three and five year old girls. They love to print out the craft projects from their favorite cartoon characters. I began looking into Easy Peasy Homeschool.  I am planning on using some of their ideas but I was looking for a more in depth Bible time with my little ones when someone on the Easy Peasy Facebook page mentioned another free website called ABC Jesus Loves Me. It is a great website incorporating Bible time with crafts and pre-reading and pre-writing skills as well. It utilizes the Betty Luken felt stories and I was thrilled to find a used set on ebay.
My order arrived yesterday and I remembered that I had just sold my four foot by 2 foot daycare sized flannel board so I was going to have to get a new one. I decided to make one!
We set out with the girls on a shopping adventure!

We ended up at Wal-mart and I purchased a cork board for $5.97.

I bought one yard of felt for $2.27.
(The girls wanted pink, my husband and I settled on a magenta. I really wanted just a traditional black, blue, or even green felt.)

Next I measured around the board and simply stapled the felt to the BACK of the cork board so we could use the cork board if we wanted to.

Here is the front of our new flannel board!

Here is the back of the flannel board and the front of the cork board. I plan to embellish the cork board side a bit so it doesn't just look like the back of a flannel board!

Here  are the girls after we finished our first Betty Luken flannel story on Creation!

The flannel set came with the book too!

What a fun project for a wonderful Bible curriculum!

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