Thursday, February 21, 2013

On A Quest For Christ Review


"Understanding your personal journey opens a door to new spiritual growth. "On a Quest for Christ," a 30-day devotional, will help you trace your steps from the first whispers of faith to resting in God's arms. Gentle questions guide the telling of your story while prayers and comforting scripture enrich your reflections. The "Christ Quest Time Map" helps you see the path ahead as you look back on your journey. Experience healing and hope as you deepen your spiritual self-awareness and find Christ at critical points in your life.

Lisa Are Wulf is a fresh voice with a pure and transparent heart. "On a Quest for Christ" invites you into her own journey with personal vignettes to guide you in tracing your spiritual path. Let her lead you to places along the way where Christ was at work in your life. As she says, "Your spiritual story is significant. Who you are makes a difference. The impact of your life is incalculable."

About the author:

As a ministry leader and Fuller Seminary graduate, Lisa Aré Wulf has a gift for creative communication that touches hearts and transforms lives.

A mid-life convert to Christ, Lisa's articles have appeared in dozens of Christian publications. She has spoken to women's groups and churches across the country.

Before entering the ministry, Lisa served eight years on the Colorado Springs City Council. She is also a retired CPA, a former radio talk show host, an accounting professor, and was a violinist.

She and her husband, Calvin, have four children and are happy empty-nesters. They currently reside in Colorado.

My thoughts:

I really liked the set up of this book. It opens with, "Whether you know it or not, you're on a quest....What is a quest? It is simply a journey toward a worthy goal, the seeking of a noble end." The author explains that there's a catch though when you're on a quest for God, there are bound to be obstacles and challenges. The author seeks to help the reader to trace his footsteps and map out their quest for Christ. Through 30 chapters that can each be read easily in 30 days such as "Birthing", "Belonging", "Striving", "Turning", to "Healing", "Losing", "Serving", "Moving Forward", and many other great titles, the author draws the reader in to explore our past, mistakes, triumphs, and really listen to times of spiritual self-awareness and reflect and document our thoughts right in the book. At the end of every chapter is space to log our own story, reflect, and a special prayer to help us give the issue over to God. The author closes the book by quoting Augustine of Hippo,
"God, you have made us for yourself,
and our hearts are restless,
till they find their rest in you."

She encourages us to fulfill our journey to press on even after the book has been finished to complete our journey until we meet Jesus face to face! Maybe we've made some wrong turns, but we can always turn back to Christ. I like how she sums up chapter 30, "It's never too late to discover God's purpose for our lives and to walk the path he has laid out for each of us." This was a great book to walk through. I recommend it to anyone wanting help in tracing their own steps of their spiritual journey. I think it would be a wonderful way to share with our children how we have walked out our faith and help our children as they begin their very own journey with Jesus!

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