Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back Yard Adventuring Give Away!

A warm Spring breeze blew across our frozen back yard a day or so ago and it got me itching for all the fun things we enjoy doing outside when the snow is gone. Like the hours upon hours my boys have enjoyed swimming at "Dobsee" or my youngest son and his cousin going frog catchin'!

So that is why I am giving away a copy of  Ethan Finds A Frog, by Guy Melcher Coffin. He is a creative artist from Portland, Maine and I was given two copies of this book by his mother a few months ago. We have so enjoyed this beautiful hardcover book! It has nicely rhyming text that tells a cute story about a boy who finds a frog and wants to keep him. I was very impressed by the writing. So many children's books these days have no rhyme to their writing and seem as though they were scribbled out in order to get to the printer. This book has heart and a great message and is also by a local Maine artist! Just leave a post below and your name will be entered into a drawing to receive this book for free! I know you and your child will enjoy this book as much as we have! Good luck!


  1. I hope my son and I win this book but if not I am going to buy it! Thanks for sharing! Sheryl and Matthew

  2. you have some really great books liste here! i am going to add them to my wish list thanks

  3. Oh my Gosh,
    What a great book to be able to read to Ethan. Thanks for sharing
    the link.
    Sabrina & crew

  4. Thanks for doing this! It looks like a cute book.